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Vince Lombardi once said - "Mentors who can outline plays on a black board are a dime a dozen. The mentors who win are the ones who can motivate their players."For the past ten years I have been...

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Kieron is different as an inspirational speaker. He is witty, charismatic, extremely dynamic and speaks from the heart. His own life experiences form the foundation of his talks, seminars and trainings...

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Kieron Sweeney – CEO & Founder

A highly regarded inspirational speaker on a very diverse range of topics.

 Kieron Sweeney is an international speaker, business strategy expert, author and a digital entrepreneur.

 His core areas of expertise is Sales & Influence, Digital Marketing, Public Speaking, Publishing, and Mindset Mastery in Business & Life - he has taught courses and spoken to audiences globally on money and mindset, sales & influence, public speaking, leadership and self-empowerment. 

 Kieron has a 30-year business career achieving over $50 million dollars in sales.  He has been a public speaker and course facilitator for 17 years, is a Tedx Speaker, is a two-time published author since 2012, Co-Publisher of Big Pitch digital magazine, has trained over 500,000 entrepreneurs, and he owns a digital marketing and publishing agency and mobile App development company.

Known for his highly engaging and interactive talks, Kieron can move an audience into action quickly through is engaging, charismatic and witty style.  Not only is he a dynamic keynote speaker, he also leads powerful 3 and 4 day breakthrough trainings

Kieron also trains early-stage entrepreneurs on how to double their revenues in 90 days and to eventually create a million-dollar revenue business using his systematic template. His use of innovative marketing techniques to grow business revenues and position entrepreneurs “ahead of where the money is flowing in their industry, has set him apart in the training industry.” 

Kieron has been referred to as an innovative business strategist because he constantly finds innovative early stage marketing strategies that can be implemented into any business.  Kieron helped one company achieve $11 million in 11 months and recently sold over $30 million dollars for one of North America’s leading training companies.

Kieron is also an aspiring digital entrepreneur and has created an online platform that educates businesses on how to create digital magazines and to build “Community Apps”, an innovative marketing tool to significantly increase brand awareness in 156 countries.

Kieron is the CEO and Founder of Breakthrough Entrepreneur Academy, Founder of MagCreators, a digital magazine publishing company, and Founder of Pie Shell Apps, a company that builds marketing and community Apps that provides 98% engagement with clients and followers.

Kieron has trained entrepreneurs in Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, South Africa, and the USA.

Kieron is the Father of four children, each of whom are “excellent negotiators”!!!


Kieron Sweeney is one of the finest people I have ever met. He is genuine, caring and very humble. Being a professional speaker myself and having been pitched by thousands of entrepreneurs, Kieron stands out and is a true example of what a speaker and trainer represents. His charismatic and playful nature enables him to connect with his students in a heart-felt way and his character of strength sets him apart from many business people. His ability to reach inside and get to the core issue of what holds people back is a unique gift and he has mastered this skill.

Kieron is passionate about helping people and their businesses realize their full potential. Consistently ranked as a top motivational speaker, he brings the perfect balance of an energy blended with real-world experience and credibility. He not only inspires, but moves audiences to action by offering practical and effective approaches to driving better business outcomes. I partnered with Kieron in one of his businesses MagCreators. He pitched me during a 30 minute meeting that lasted 3 hours. He was engaging, passionate and showed a very high intellect, and I said to myself, "this is a guy that I wanted to be in business with for a long time."

I highly encourage every entrepreneur to join his Academy and get the required training NOW to build a profitable business. I have always taken seminars and courses and I still do, because as they say, if you are not growing, then you are dying. I have thoroughly enjoyed Kieron's coaching and he has all the wisdom and street smart business experience to guide any business owner to success

Kevin Harrington, one of the original Sharks on the hit TV Show The Shark Tank, inventor of the Informercial and pioneer of the brand, "As Seen on TV" has sold over $5 billion in products. Kevin is Author of Act Now and Co-Author of Key Person of Influence.

Thanks for all you are doing Kieron. This training is more than I ever expected it would be on so many levels. I also know I will be building my business in ways I would not have imagined, and it wouldn't be happening without your training.


Dorothy Argent - Salmon Arm, BC